Advertising Food Photography for Simply Donuts

Advertising Food Photography for Simply Donuts

Advertising Food Photography …

Most of my food photography is on location. Manchester and London being the most popular choices. Some of the photoshoots in kitchen showrooms and some in location houses with use of their kitchens. Like the ones I shot with Marcus Wareing and Joe Wicks. Not name dropping at all …

This particular shoot for Simply Donuts I chose my house as I have done with several of my shoots before. The shots were close in overheads with various backgrounds. This  swayed me to a home studio shoot as it made it simpler with the kitchen at hand too.

This time I was shooting with advertising agency Pure Creative owned by Richard Miller. Myself and Richard had planned the shoot prior with props and backgrounds confirmed, as timing is always critical with food photography. Whilst I’m talking about the backgrounds I need to give a shout out to Black Velvet Styling who supply the photographic backgrounds. They have a great selection and I can highly recommended. I’ll certainly be using them again.

The shoot went really well with everything coming together perfectly. Really pleased with the results and so was the client. All in the planning you see 😉.  The images were focused on seasons with a couple of important calendar events covered too. I’m sure you can spot them. As they are very very subtle …

By the way there was plenty of product left over and did I resist temptation? Well the answer would be no. They were delicious. My favourite was the vanilla but I gave the strawberry a good try and so did my kids. 😉

Looking forward to seeing the finished ads and to the next shoot.

For more on my food photography take a look at my portfolio and get in touch to plan your next shoot.