advertising product photography for armorall uk on location in London

Campaign Product Photography for Armorall UK

Campaign Product Photography

I would say a large percentage of my work is Campaign Product Photography. What is it. Well it’s a little more than your standard product photography. Usually involving a location and in situ shots. My latest photoshoot for Armorall is a perfect example of this. Once again working with the talented team from Refinery Marketing in Manchester.

Always enjoy the shoots for Armorall. Challenging and fun. Just the way I like it . And the added bonus working with the team at Red Bull racing helps 😉 This time it was a little different to previous shoots. As it focused more on the product . Hence the title . Still got to go to Red Bull headquarters . As you can see form the shots.

The shoot comprised of two locations. One at a residential home in Milton Keynes for the morning. And then at Red bull headquarters for the final shots. We had a few hours for the shots at the house, the challenge going one would come later at Red Bull. They’re a busy bunch obviously so time was not on our side . But when the pressures on I get going . All the shots in the bag . I’d like to say with time to spare . Bit I can’t . We did cut it fine 😊

Loving the shots as did thankfully the Clint. The important one 😉

Looking forward to what they have for me on the next shoot …

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campaign product photography shot in Manchester

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advertising product photography for armorall uk on location in London

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