Commercial Food Photography for Andrew Peace Wines

Commercial Food Photography

Commercial food photography is as I’ve mentioned before a large part of my photography portfolio. I’ve shot for many well known brands and many well known celebrity chefs. This time I should really come under the guise of food and drink photographer. As this particular assignment was for Andrew Peace Wines also working alongside advertising agency Crate Communications.

The preparation for the photoshoot started at the pre production stage a couple of weeks before. Several zoom meetings later (don’t we all love a zoom meeting ) 😉 , including myself , Crate and Kate Bottomley (food stylist). The ideas, props and backgrounds were decided. Along with a kitchen location just outside of Manchester in Stockport.

With all the pre production and planning sorted the shoot itself consisted of four main shots. The idea behind the shoot was that the wines complimented three different barbecue recipes from individual chefs. The fourth shot was a collective of all three dishes.

Kate had to prepare each dish, which gave me ample time to set up each shot in preparation. A variety of props were used in each shot. And even though there was four set ups . The day was just about enough to achieve the required results. Really pleased with the end result and we even got to taste the delicious food . And got to take a bottle of wine home . Very nice by the way . Highly recommend. Looking forward to the next shoot and not just because of the wine 😉

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