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Commercial Lifestyle Photography for Nadiya Hussain

Commercial Lifestyle Photography …

The definition of commercial lifestyle photography is … The art of of capturing compelling imagery that conveys your brand in a relatable way. This is exactly what Prestige wanted for their shoot with Nadiya Hussain and her new bakeware and cookware range.

Once again working with the great team from Refinery Marketing and Communications. The shoot was planned for two days. The location Milton Keynes , Nadiya’s home town. The two days also included a film crew and I was to shoot alongside with times allocated to get the desired shots needed. Whilst the film crew filmed adverts and social content. I’m getting quite used to this now as many of my shoots require this. Always makes for a busy day, with a few laughs along the way of course .

As mentioned the shoot was for Nadiya’s new cookware and bakeware range. This was to show  the versatility and various meals that can be created. As a result I found shooting whilst the filming went on showed this perfectly. As well as a few set up scenarios too. The canon R5 with its silent shutter is the perfect camera for this. Don’t want to get in trouble with the director 😉

It was lovely to meet Nadiya and I had a great time working with her.  And of course this made my job so much easier throughout the two days . The team from Refinery Marketing also made the shoot run smoothly . Namely Raj Kara for art direction and producer Luci Salt. Always a pleasure working with the two of them.

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