Creative Advertising Product Photography

Creative Advertising Product Photography …

Creative advertising product photography differs immensely to the standard studio photography. Much like the style you might find on e-commerce sites like Amazon. Don’t get me wrong th e-commerce style product photography still requires skill and concentration. However with the more creative style of advertising photography there are for more elements that go into creating the shot.

This particular shoot was for Circulon UK with advertising agency Refinery from Manchester. I’ve worked many times for them and especially with art director Raj Kara. The shoot was for the brand new range of kitchen knives that Circulon were launching. The final images were to be used for social media , website and packaging. The creative brief was for dark moody lighting to create atmosphere. Along with slate backgrounds and studio lighting we achieved the desired affect. Not forgetting the excellent art direction along with the food propping from Raj 😉 … I guess you could say there was a bit of food photography thrown in to.

There were 7 knives to shoot and with all the prep involved it came to a full days photography. In all honesty I very rarely do less than a days shoot for any of my lifestyle or advertising photography. When you include set up time and prepping, along with styling a half day is never enough.

As usual working with Raj made the day go very smoothly. The client was more than happy with end result , and so was I . Which is important too 😉 .. Another successful shoot for Circulon . Looking forward to the next one …

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