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Creative Still Life Product Photography

Creative Still Life Product Photography

Still Life Product Photography with a foodie/creative theme was the brief. The product however was not food but electrical components for Gateway Electronics based in Cheshire.

This got my creative juices flowing and from the offset decided to shoot this on location in my kitchen where the various props were on hand. Using available light, tripod and slow shutter with shallow depth of field I created some interesting abstract images of the various components.

Out of the many props used were sweet dishes , coloured ice cream bowls , the kids spoons and various kitchen appliances. Various cutting boards were used to create textures for the backgrounds. Macro lenses were needed for extreme close up photography as some of the components were very tiny for example take a look at the tea spoon shot.

As you can see from the images I think the brief was fulfilled and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the components in a unique and diverse way, as opposed to the normal white background , nothing wrong with that by the way as you will see in later blogs 😉

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