Documentary Photography for Tyson Fury and The Gypsy King

Documentary Photography Tyson Fury …

Documentary Photography …

Towards the end of last year I received a phone call from Demi Doyle from Optomen Tv … “Would you be free next week for documentary photography of Tyson Fury and his family over a few days for his upcoming ITV Documentary ? “ … Well after a quick check of the diary my answer was of course yes. To photograph such an interesting character not to mention heavy weight boxing champion was an opportunity not to be missed.

As I mentioned the shoot was for the stills for the ‘Gypsy King’ Documentary. I was to spend two days in Morcambe, the Fury’s home town and then finish in Manchester photographing John Fury, Tyson’s father. A busy few days then, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

Day 1 … Paris Fury …

The first day Demi had planned to meet up at a hairdressers in Morecambe where I’d be photographing Paris Fury as she prepared for her interview. Paris was great to photograph and made my job very easy indeed , I got some really great natural black and white images. The day was spent with Paris and Demi with me getting shots in between takes of the interview. Towards the end of the day would be my first meeting with Tyson himself to photograph the family at their home . So Tyson , Paris and their five young children… piece  of cake 😉

Joking aside the family shoot was great fun as Tyson and Paris preferred the natural, fun images. Especially love the shot I’ve chosen of them all having a great time , no posing necessary , not sure we’d have managed a posed one anyway … 😉 With day one of the shoot complete I looked forward to the shoot with the main man himself the next day …

Day 2 … Tyson Fury …

The team and I met the next morning at a gym location where they were using the back drop to interview Tyson. As well as photographing him whilst the interview was taking place,  just listening to what he had to say was really interesting and inspiring, and I had a front row seat … Demi Doyle of Optomen TV had a great relationship with Tyson and the family and that showed in the interview. This enabled me to get some great images of Tyson, especially like the roaring lion pose 😉 …

The afternoon of the shoot meant we were all back in Morecombe for a church location. This was for Optomen to film the opening scene for the documentary. A fantactic atmospheric scene was set up by the crew and the images speak for themselves. Some of my favourite shots I’ve ever taken. I’m guessing they will be a permanent fixture in my portfolio and website 😉 …

Day 3 … John Fury …

The last day was on location in Bolton at a mill where by coincidence I’ve shot fashion so I was familiar with the location. This was to photograph Tyson’s father John Fury. Really pleased with the images and John was a pleasure to photograph, especially like the gritty black and whites.

Well that was my job done and I have to say really enjoyed the three days with the crew and meeting the Fury’s. Now of course since the shoot I can say I’ve photographed the Heavyweight Champion of the world … Congrats Tyson Fury 🙂 …

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