fashion advertising photography in manchester

Fashion Advertising Photography in Manchester

Fashion Advertising Photography in Manchester …

This particular fashion advertising photography shoot was a continuation of a shoot for my regular clients Boardman’s Design in Manchester. This time the studio section for their Elegance range 19.

The Elegance shoot this year was split into two parts, location and studio. You can see the location shoot here in a previous blog. The idea for the studio shoot was to keep it simple with two quite neutral backgrounds chosen. This made the colours of the various hats pop out. Now the word simple doesn’t quite mean the same in photography, especially advertising fashion photography. Nothing is really that simple even if i do say so myself. When there is only plain backgrounds there is more focus on the model and lighting and of course the style of the shoot so not simple at all really. Its complicated to look simple, if that makes sense. Anyway I know what I’m trying to say  😉 …

Moving on, the photoshoot went really well and the colours with the backgrounds worked perfectly. So much so we’re using them again for the upcoming AW19 shoot, so watch this space …

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fashion advertising photography in manchester









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