Fashion photography in cheshire

Fashion Photography and Flames

Fashion Photography and Flames

A lot of my Fashion Photography is in Manchester and surrounding areas . However this time the location was Lepone’s restaurant in Oswestry. The photoshoot was for chefs clothing, specifically menswear. Normally a straight forward workwear photoshoot in the studio.  This time however the client wanted a break from the norm. So an edgy fashion feel was required.

Now a working kitchen isn’t the ideal space for fashion photography but I always like a challenge. Throw in the need for a tripod and tricky was the word. Tight angles and slow shutter speeds were the order of the day to give it that working kitchen atmosphere.

Flames and plenty of them was the order of the day with movement and flash. This meant long exposures mixed with background mayhem. It certainly gave the desired affect of a busy working kitchen. With this kind of shot experienced models are required and Nemesis Model Agency in Manchester came up with three extremely professional models.  This made the shoot that little bit easier. There was also the angles needed. I can assure you every bit of my now fading agility was required and the odd stretch in between to prevent injury ….

The shoot went really well and thankfully no eyebrows were singed in the process, so a successful photoshoot with a happy client and looking forward to the next one …

So the next time I’m booked for fashion photography in Cheshire let’s make it a little easier on the back , only the once and then I’ll be good to go again ….

For more on my fashion photography including location and studio photoshoots in Cheshire, Manchester,London and across the UK, you can visit my gallery page ..




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