lifestyle location photography shot with studio flash in Manchester

Fashion photography for Spring/Summer collection on location in Cheshire

Fashion Photography for Spring Summer Collection in October !!

“Right Carlton we have a fashion shoot for you, it’s for the spring / summer collection trouble is it’s not in the studio it’s on location and we need to shoot it end of October in the UK “. “Oh yes and we need it to look like the middle of summer” .. Right then .. No pressure ..

These are things as a commercial photographer I am used to hearing. So where to shoot it first ? I needed somewhere that green was still in abundance so Manchester was pretty much out, and also where the models could in between shots keep warm as to not have their skin go a nice pale shade of blue. There was one place . The mother in laws back garden it was more than big enough, plenty of green and a place to keep warm.. Perfect! .. So the client was invited to come and have a look and the location in Prestbury Cheshire was agreed. Just needed to order the weather now.

On the day of the Fashion shoot the team made camp in the summer house where tea and coffee was on constant supply, and blankets too. See, photographers do care about the models you know.

The models were from Boss in Manchester and they arrived promptly and thankfully so did the sun but with plenty of shots to get through and not the best amount of daylight, the term ‘best crack on’ came to mind.

Now as I said I was lucky as the sun had come as ordered , but as well as this some extra sun was needed so out came the portable studio lighting kit from broncolor an essential piece of kit for location photography especially with the sun staying low in late winter.

Looking at the images from the day and with careful cropping in camera it’s safe to say with a great team including the models from Boss ( acting very warm, well ) that we more than pulled it off, and at the end there was a happy client which is always nice …

The Maldives next time? … Only kidding …