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Lifestyle Food and Drink Photography for Lockhart Catering

Ive called this particular blog food and drink photography but to be honest its really concentrating on the drink part. Cocktails in particular… Enjoy … I did 😉

There are many things I love about being a commercial photographer. In particular, one day or job is never quite the same and you never know what’s around the corner.

Take the assignment for Lockhart catering. A day or two off ( with a little editing involved obviously, as the self employed never quite switch off ), and then one phone call from Oakbase Advertising Agency in Wilmslow and I’m preparing for a 4:45 am start to shoot on location in the middle of London …

So an early start with a car full of studio lighting to meet up with Raj the art director. The photography was to take place in a cocktail bar to shoot the various product in situ. Along with the still life brief there was also to be an expert in the field of preparing the cocktails on site. I was to photograph him as he went along preparing the cocktails.

Time was a factor as the bar was still to be open to customers and with the lighting equipment needed there was a bit of an obstacle course for people walking through. That all said the photoshoot went very smoothly indeed and was finished with time to spare.

Just the journey home again then…

A long but extremely enjoyable day. I was offered the odd cocktail or two but as I was driving I went for the soft drink option …

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