Food and Drink Photography

Food and Drink Photography Liverpool

Another photoshoot with Oakbase Advertising agency and of course art direction from Raj Kara. This was a shoot for Lockhart catering supplies, and food and drink photography was on the agenda. Well actually more drink and in the form of milkshakes. Milkshakes with a little kick, well a lot of kick actually. Let’s just say I was driving so not one of them however tempting could’ve passed my lips …

The location for the day was the fantastic Almost Famous burger restaurant in Liverpool. The bar staff prepared all the shakes for the photography which looked amazing and very very tempting. The location was perfect with very colourful and interesting backgrounds. This gave the client Lockhart the feel they wanted for the photoshoot. The weather was extremely kind with shafts of sunlight coming through to add to the atmosphere of the shots.

Many of the items to photograph were quite reflective and as with a lot of my product photography I found my self hiding out of shot, wouldn’t have been a good look 😉 Again photographing in restaurants can be tricky as when the lunchtime comes I have to be careful not to get in people’s way. Fortunately the people of Liverpool seemed to enjoy our presence and we carried on through, stopping for one of those famous burgers along the way of course…

A successful shoot in an amazing location. Delighted with the images as was the client. Must go back for one of those milkshakes. Obviously I’ll get a taxi as may have a couple 😉

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