food photography of bread shot on location in manchester

Food Photography on Location

Food Photography on Location

Another recent food photography shoot, this time venturing out of the studio to go on location this time however not in Manchester.

From the clients brief my choice of location was a local designer kitchen shop in Macclesfield Cheshire just down the road from my studio ( handy !!) . With kitchens and props already set up it was the perfect place for what I wanted to achieve . The shop frontage had a large window that let in a great deal of daylight and this is what I was looking for, you don’t always need studio lighting and daylight photography for food always delivers great results, used in the right way of course.

As I’ve said in previous blogs texture and colour is what food photography is all about and with a t little help from the addition of the odd prop or two, in this case olive oil bottles and baskets worked very, especially like the bread shot.

Off to shoot in The Lord Clyde Cheshire later this month as well as the food photography also shooting interiors so keep an eye on the blog for the images …