photography of food photography shot in my manchester studio

Food photography

Food Photography

Food photography has many stages before you see the final image and to quote an age old saying “it’s all in the preparation”. The images above are from two separate commissions. One was for a local Cheshire restaurant chain and the other for a high end cat food company based in Manchester. The reason I’ve mixed the two is that they both required the same style of photography and preparation for the final images. The cat food was pretty much good enough for me to eat.. I didn’t by the way.

With food photography a food stylist is essential to prepare the food and apply all the tricks of the trade to make the food look it’s most appealing along with the cooking too. This can be achieved by certain textures being introduced to compliment the colours such as the slate for the tinned tuna shot. Glycerine is a favourite in food photography as it enhances the textures, with help from my lighting as well of course.

With the stylists job done it’s over to the food photographer, my job. Soft lighting with shallow depth of field is my favoured style, as it really shows off the food products and makes for a more eye pleasing and interesting shot. When shooting cooked food time is of the essence and in some instances it helps to have another on standby as under the lighting it can start to look congealed. Strong vibrant colour is everything in photographing food as you are wanting the person (or cat!) viewing the image to want to virtually reach out and take a bite and the shallow depth of field along with the punchy colours achieves the desired effect.

Both clients on the day were delighted with the images as was I. Now bring on the dog food, lets see what I can do with that…