footwear fashion photography

Footwear Fashion Photography for Deichmann UK

Footwear Fashion Photography

Footwear fashion photography for Deichmann Uk

As mentioned in my previous blog on  the product photography for DeichmannUK , there was also the lifestyle fashion shoot. The chosen location for the shoot was Birmingham. As well as the photography the TV commercial was also being shot. So as on many occasions I worked alongside the very talented video and production team at Anattic TV. And Refinery Marketing too of course . Namely Raj Kara Art Direction , Katie Leach Production and Gabrielle Jones Production Assistant. Can’t leave them out 😉

The shoot took place over one and the plan was for me too shoot after each scene of the commercial. Over the day there was 5 models/ actors and I had 2 hours with each. Busy day ahead then. Just the way I like it. Nothing like a bit of pressure 😉. Thankfully the weather held as there was quite a lot to shoot outside.

The first location …

The day started early as we had a lot to get through. First  was outside locations around Birmingham . The model Junaid was great, really got into character. I guess that’s the acting part which really helped with the images as you can see. Actually got a lot more than anticipated so the day was off to a good start. Whilst I was shooting Junaid, Anattic were shooting the family scene inside the cafe location called the Red Cherry Cafe. This was my next destination.

The Red Cherry Cafe …

Whilst Annatic were filming the Actors as a family my brief was to shoot each separately. Fortunately it was all in the same location as time was of the essence. Great fun shooting these guys. Becky Kershaw, Alex Butler and Ruby Hemingway . And a big thanks to my assistant Ania for carrying the lighting needed for the shot. As with all indoor locations there’s never enough available light …

Its almost a wrap …

The last shot of the day was with Lotta Wild. The location being the Birmingham subways. With the light failing a little it was time for a little extra. Bring on Ania and the Bowens XMT 500 location light. Love this light as you can take it anywhere with no need for plugs. The added light gave it a little extra pop and really made the images. Lotta did too by the way …

And that was the day done . Really pleased with the images and if you want to look at them in person visit a Deichmann store near you. They’re all over the store. There’s shoes and trainers there too 😉

Finally a big thank you to the team from Deichmann, Josephine Soei and Emma Bailey. Always a big help on the day . Also to make up artist Maxine Smith and fashion stylist Rosie J Farnworth. The shots wouldn’t look so good without you.

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footwear fashion photography for deichmann








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