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Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography is not the norm when it comes to Product Photography. There are of course tricks of the trade to getting the rings to sit in a certain way or to create edges on silver when shooting on a white back ground as I did for this particular client.

Macro lenses are essential and the longer the lens the better as many of the items of jewellery will be very small and the lens needs to as close as possible. Many of my jewellery shoots require table top photography. White background being the most popular choice of background. Many photographers shoot to cut out the image after to place on the white , I choose to shoot it for the background. I have my little tricks of the trade book for this which I can’t possibly divulge. You’ll just have to book me for your next Jewellery shoot to find out 😉

I do try to shoot to avoid too much retouching but with this type photography retouching is inevitable. Shooting tethered into my imac is also essential as the naked eye cannot always see what the camera can pick up.

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