lifestyle product photographer in manchester

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle Product Photography

I was commissioned to do the lifestyle product photography of an interesting product for the brand Coz e Reader. The photography was for the packaging for several major retailers. As well as the packaging there were more lifestyle shots required for their website. The clue is in the name as the product is for tablets and phones to make it more comfortable when relaxing with them . Such a hard job for the models,. Lie there and look at your phone. Hmm yes very tricky 😉

The photography was to be on location at the clients house with 3 different scenarios, relaxing in the lounge , in the kitchen and finally relaxing in bed.

The brief was to include lifestyle photography and still life , product photography . The lighting I created was to give a very shallow depth of field to really highlight the product and to show its versatility and practicality, which I believe the images more than achieve.

Really enjoyed working with the team and I and the client was really pleased with the results, looking forward to the next shoot whilst I type this with the use of my Coz E Reader 😉

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