location food photography

Location Food Photography in Manchester

Location Food Photography in Manchester

Location food photography is becoming more and more popular for me. In fact I can’t remember the last time I photographed food in the studio. On my latest shoot for Loscoe Chilled Foods this was also to be shot on location. The location of choice was the clients home. With cooker and kitchen facilities on site food stylist Alice Beesey was made very comfortable. Although with the brief from the client she was made very busy with the ingredient list.

The photography brief was to compliment the many chilled foods Loscoe provided and of course make them as desirable as possible. The idea was to show how many of the foods could be used for, for instance pies (a personal favourite of mine 😉 ) and various sandwich and pasta dishes.

Backgrounds were sourced by myself and consisted of rustic wood to slate surfaces. Backgrounds are so important for food photography as they add a authentic look to the final shot.

Regarding lighting for the food photography my preference if possible is day light with the addition of reflectors. The location was perfect as it had a spacious conservatory with daylight flooding in. Alice was kept very busy as we were left to our own devices by the client and the dishes were prepared as and when needed. The ingredients were also used as props along with various utensils and fabrics.

Had a great day shooting and myself and Alice achieved what the client was looking for as he was delighted with the images. Again as always I like to sample what I’m shooting along the way 😉  Photographers perks don’t you know 😉 …

Look forward to shooting for Loscoe again soon and of course tasting the dishes …

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