menswear photography

Menswear Photography

Menswear Photography

One of my many Menswear photography fashion shoots this year was for my regular client Boardman’s Design . I shot this on location in the very versatile Castlefield Manchester. The AW17 collection brief was left for me to decide along with my fashion stylist Sam Thomson. Textures and urban backgrounds were the desired style for the shoot and Castlefield fitted that description perfectly. The photoshoot was scheduled over two days. One day for menswear and the next day for womenswear, which will be for a later blog… Watch this space …

The model for the photoshoot was Robert Johnson from Nemesis Model Agency in Manchester. I’ve photographed Rob on previous fashion shoots so I was confident of getting the look I required. So on a crisp January day myself, Sam and Robert braved the cold to deliver the images. Not forgetting Alsion the make up artist too of course. At least for the model Robert the shoot was for hats, scarves and gloves. I have done many summer brochures in the heart of winter when the poor models were just wearing t-shirts.

I was spoilt for choice with the many textures and backgrounds we could use at the location and all within short walking range. Not that I’m afraid of a long walk just means more shots can be done in a day … Honest 😉

A big thank you to Dukes 92 bar for letting me and my crew set up for the shoot and use as a base. They also cook up an amazing lunch too …

A very successful shoot and a happy client … My job was done …

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