product photographer in manchester

Product Photography with Cocktails and Champagne

A glimpse into the day of a Product Photographer …

A product photography shoot for catering supplies company Lockhart. This time the photoshoot was to be on location at The Champagne Bar Epernay in Manchester. A great location for  the product we were going to photograph. Working again with Raj Kara from design agency OakBase based in Wilmslow Cheshire. Raj was art directing the shoot and as Raj likes to point out I clicked the button. A little harsh but as he’s the client I’ll just smile and click 😉

The photography was for cocktail glasses with some very tasty (and alcoholic) drinks. Unfortunately as I was driving I couldn’t taste any and I don’t think it would have helped with my photography either 😉 …

The shots were to be inside the bar so studio light was needed but with the sun light coming through the windows the use of daylight too was more than welcome.

The daylight and studio lighting mix worked well and with the shallow depth of field and really made the glasses stand out.

Looking forward to the next shoot with OakBase , Raj and Lockhart Catering Supplies ….

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