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Product/Still Life Photography “it’s not all Fashion”

Although most of my previous blogs have been about Fashion Photography I thought i’d post on another equally as important part of my business- Still Life / Product Photography.

Product photography can come in many different guises large or small, each commanding different lighting techniques and pricing structures. This particular assignment was for a leading office furniture suppliers catalogue and required every inch of my studio space as well as the height. The process of setting up each shot took time and careful, considered lighting techniques to bring out the various surfaces of the furniture. Four to five shots per day was the maximum that could be done as the desks also had to be put together in the studio, (not by me ofcourse, my D.I.Y skills are not the best ..just ask my wife).

The shoot took the best part of 2 weeks as this was for an extensive catalogue including chairs and storage. My studio resembled a warehouse but it made a change from photographing people (furniture doesn’t talk back) and they do say variety is the spice of life and that’s a key factor in keeping your photography fresh. Next it’s bikes again but that’s another post in the future, now where’s my fishing rod wire.. don’t ask..


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