professional food photography in manchester

Professional Food Photography in Manchester

Professional Food Photography in Manchester

For my latest professional food photography shoot I was commissioned by Artisan Digital Marketing Agency from Manchester. The photoshoot was for Loving Foods Ltd  who specialise in raw organic fermented health foods and drinks. The clients house was the chosen location , mainly the kitchen. Obviously 😉 . The brief was made up of several lifestyle shots but to also shoot studio style on a white background. I do like a day full of diversity. Keeps it interesting 😉

Studio style shoot …

I arrived bright and early with my studio lighting to set up for the white backgrounds first. There were a number of shots to do and with the glass bottles a few slightly tricky ones. After the set up (which is always the time consuming part) the shots went very smoothly. In fact we were ahead of schedule. Result! A short break for lunch and it was then time to do the lifestyle food and drinks.

Lifestyle food and drink photography…

The set up for the rest of the afternoon was the trusty tripod, white card reflectors and lots of daylight. The sun was shining so all was going to plan. There were several different flavour drinks and I wanted to keep it quite simple. Highlighting the drink was priority. A shallow depth of field really made the drinks stand out with a few ingredients nearby. Really pleased with the result.

Finally there was the fermented food to shoot. The preparation for this was to show all the ingredients used in the foods. We added different textures for each food type for a rustic feel. Again even though I do say so myself the result looked great. I can’t take all the credit though as I got significant help from Andy of Artisan who switched his skills to food styling for the day…

Had a great day shooting with Artisan and a successful one, looking forward to working with them again soon …

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