still life photography manchester

Still Life Photography on location in Alderley Edge Cheshire near Manchester

Still Life Photography …

Still life photography covers many styles and subjects, this particular shoot was product photography also including a little food photography. The shoot was for Kitchenware Company Circulon UK .  Oakbase Advertisng Agency once again organised the shoot with art direction from Raj Kara.

The location for the shoot was Art House Interiors of Alderley Edge. A perfect location for what was needed by the client so a busy couple of days ahead 😉 . Always enjoy working with Oakbase and Circulon along with food stylist Kate Bottomley. Not just for the obvious reason of being able to eat the props 😉 .

The objective for the shoot was again packaging for their cookware range, some purely product shots as well as some with food. Whilst the food prep was taking place along with filming too I was left to my own devices for the product shots. I think after all this time shooting for Circulon I could be trusted … just 😉

My brief for the product was to shoot various collections of each range along with more abstract detail shots. So as much variation as possible then. With the use of  my trusted macro lenses I’m really pleased with the detail shots as showing the Circulon pattern is paramount in the shots . Whilst making them pleasing to the overall scene too of course . That’s also where the excellent location came in …

The food photography was next and that was more of a team effort . With Raj on hand for art direction and Kate cooking up some delicious dishes. For the shot of course …;)

A great two days with some great shots too. Always look forward to shooting for Circulon.

For more on my still life photography take a look at the gallery















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