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Studio Fashion Product Photography

Studio Fashion Product Photography

With product photography there is a wide spectrum. From the simplistic to the more complex. My fashion product photography fits into this description. One of my clients is a children’s wear designer. As well as lifestyle fashion I also photograph flat shots of all the clothing.

In January my client approached me to come up with any suggestions to present the clothing in a different way for an upcoming trade show. They needed product photography, but just wanted it to be more interesting than the standard flat shots. After discussing with my fashion stylist we came up with the mood board idea. Incorporating the flats shots with props and textured surfaces. This is where the complex side comes in as it wasn’t just a case of lying the product on the floor and making sure of creases etc. There was much more to this as you can see from the final images.

There were four different looks to the mood boards and this I don’t mind saying took most of the day. Placement was crucial for the shot as it could look very cluttered. This is where Sam the fashion stylist excelled and really made the vision of our shots come to life. One of my favourite tools in photography, especially for this type of photography is the live view in lightroom. As you can imagine the camera set up was at quite a height and going up and down the ladder would have added greatly to the time. The live view enabled Sam and myself to see each placement of product or prop as it moved. A really crucial tool for us both.

The final images were a great success. With the client more than happy and looking forward to showing them off at the show.

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