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Food Photography, cooked game in the studio

Studio Food Photography, cooked game in studio…

Commissioned once again for Studio Food Photography by Advertising and Design Agency Oakdbase in Wilmslow Cheshire for catering company Lockhart.

The brief was to photograph cooked food of the ‘Game’ variety. Mainly Rabbit and Venison and all in my Cheshire studio equipped with kitchen and cooker.

The kitchen and cooker were out of bounds for me so I left the food stylist the to get to work producing the various dishes.

The texture of the game meat and the added ingredients to give a touch of colour made for more simple textured backgrounds. I didn’t want to take anything away from the food and plates being photographed.

With Raj from the agency on hand to go through the shots being tethered to the iMac the shoot went very smoothly. Unfortunately no chance of eating any of the product as a few secrets to food photography doesn’t quite make for good eating.

Shoot complete I did manage to come out with a rabbit ready to cook for my dinner which I did at home. Not than keen really but I’m sure it was down to my cooking ability rather than the rabbit….

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