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Studio Photography and a shout out for the ‘Models’

Studio Photography in Manchester

Although many of my posts seem to be on location I do however do a lot in the studio, be it Fashion or Still Life photography. So thought I’d post a recent shoot of model India from Boss Models Manchester for Boardman Bros Fashion Hats and Accessories .

The reason I have chosen this particular shoot is to give the models a shout out. A good model is everything when shooting on a plain white background with no props. The emphasis is on the model alone and it’s down to them and the photographer to connect. Model India certainly knew how to change poses and expressions with each click of the camera and really made the product (in this instance the hats) stand out. I could say it was all down to my direction and skill as a photographer but I can’t take all the credit (he says modestly) although I will take a fraction.

Shooting fashion is more about getting the best out of people and connecting with them, working in a fun relaxed atmosphere (whilst getting the job done obviously), and on the day we had a great team and it really shows in the shots.

Another important aspect of an experienced model is nowadays the demand for more shots in a day and if the photographer and client don’t have to spend time directing the model the more shots can be done.

The follow up shoot was to be on location and snow was needed so a little different to the warm studio shoot but that is for another blog at another time..

Mustn’t forget the great hair and makeup/styling from Hannah Robinson and the very organised and hard working shoot co-ordinator Mel McNab. All contributed to a successful studio fashion shoot and a happy client.