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Studio Product Photography Simply Argan

Studio Product Photography

There is a lot more to product photography than you think. Whether it be large items that require vast amounts of studio space such as office furniture. To look at the particular shoot take a look at my past blog.

The concept is virtually the same for what is commonly known as tabletop product photography. Just because the items are smaller does not mean the photography is less complex. Jewellery photography for instance is a very good example. This was also the case for my photoshoot for Simply Argan who provide Argan Oil based products. As you can see from the images a white background was needed with many of the products being clear glass and chrome. This is always a challenge for the product photographer but one that any professional photographer enjoys, who wants it easy hey ;).  The use of black card , mirrors and reflectors were in abundance to get the desired result.

As I said earlier the principle is exactly the same whatever the size in fact I might argue that the smaller more intricate products can be trickier. The end result is what is important and the client and myself were extremely pleased. I was even allowed to keep some for myself even though my partner took them off me straight away when I got home . At least I was in the good books 😉

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studio product photography