Womenswear Fashion Photography

There’s a little more to womenswear fashion photography than just taking the pictures. Obviously it’s a very important part but you need a great creative team around you. I can supply everything you need including the make up artist and fashion stylist as they are an integral part of bringing your brand and vision to life. I’ll even sort the models out for you as I have a great relationship with all the model agencies in Manchester and the Northwest  and as far a field in London. Seeing as that’s where my experience started on the other side of the camera which I see as an asset in fashion photography. I k ow just what it’s like on both sides 😉 …

Take a look at my portfolio below of my womenswear fashion photography. Some shot in my Manchester studio or on location, whichever look is right for you.

To look at some of my individual fashion shoots in more depth check out the blog

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