photography for deichmann shoes shot in Manchester

Advertising Footwear Photography for Deichmann UK

Advertising Footwear Photography

Advertising footwear photography for Deichmann Uk and their latest campaign …

Such a great day shooting once again with Deichmann shoes along with Advertising Agency Refinery Marketing . As you may know I’ve shot many campaigns for Deichmann over the years . And of course loved shooting every one of them. Lots of energy, with me jumping around with the models. Whilst photographing of course. Love it. And this shoot had the same again and then some . Just take a look at my instagram for a few reels of behind the scenes and you’ll know what I mean 😉 Check it out here

The models were great fun and really got into the shoot. Which made my job that bit much easier.  Footwear photography can be a bit trickier than your normal fashion photography. The reason for this is the shoe has to look just right. So the models may have to do the same shot many times to get the shoe looking just right. So patience is a key factor . Not me . Them 🙂 … Well maybe me too , just a little …

Now I just have to mention the set up for this shoot. Gels were the order of the day and Deichmann wanted to mix two colours on each set. No problem,  and I have to say it worked really well. My only concern was I didn’t want the colour to spill on the shoes . But with the use of poly boards and a number of lights directed very carefully . That great look was achieved . So I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that one . Although that is my actual job to do 😉

Such a great shoot to be involved with , had such a great time and I’m really pleased with the final images. On to the next shoot with a special guest , which I can’t say yet but its coming very soon to the blog…

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photography for deichmann shoes shot in Manchester

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