Product Photography

Photography that produces tangible commercial results… 
Just the right angle, tilt, shadow, glint, contrast. I know how to achieve the very best shots. Take a look at the blog to see more on each project.

Being a busy product photographer has taken me far and wide. Either in my studio or on location for my Manchester, Chester, Liverpool and London clients alike and pretty much anywhere else I’m wanted. 

Shooting lifestyle products for catalogues and pack shots, to highly creative industrial product shots. Versatile, adaptable and talented (even if I do say so myself) I’m able to achieve the very best results. 

Clients include Circulon Uk , Awe Cycling , Boardman’s Design , Washdent , Prestige to name a few …

To take a closer look at my product portfolio , browse through my gallery below.


Professional Still Life Product Photography

Professional Still Life Product Photography can come in many guises. From a room set to a shot of the tiniest electrical component. With my still life photography I currently shoot anything from micro electronics to tv cabinets and each one presents its own challenge. This for me is the greatest enjoyment of photography. Its making the straight forward look exciting and alluring. A great deal of my product and still life photography is shot in my studio. There is some location when it comes to the larger items such as tables and office furniture. These are often shot on site.

Latest Photoshoots

My latest assignments are for Sport direct cycling accessories, Frank Olsen T V cabinets and Office Furniture. These can all be viewed by visiting my Blog

Pricing of product photography is a very different matter. Clients can under estimate how long photoshoots can take. Preparation is extremely important with any photography. Product photography can normally be split into two categories. Day rate and per item. The day rate is for larger more complex items where a great deal of time can be spent on one item such as large tv’s. Smaller products that can be photographed on a table top are charged per item as these can normally be photographed quicker.

For a more detailed look at my pricing you can visit my Rates Page

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