Carlton Photography

Food and Drink Photographer

Being a food and drink photographer has taken me far and wide across the UK as many of my assignments are on location. The locations for my photography vary from hotels to restaurants as many of my clients are preferring lifestyle photography.

Food and drink photography has become a large part of my portfolio and is in fact one of my most enjoyable. Not just because I get too eat the subject matter , although it does help 😉

An extremely important part for any food photographer is the food stylist because without them and there preparation the shot is only half done. Similar to that of fashion photography its the team that makes the shot I can’t take all the credit … Although I do like too 😉 …

I mentioned how my food photography is indeed a large part of my work and to reflect this I’ve created this section, have a look below. You might also notice a few celebrity chefs along the way.

Taken from many of my assignments over time to give you a good idea of just what goes into creating the final image.