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Classic Fashion Photography for Oxford Hounds Menswear

Classic Fashion Photography …

Had the pleasure of shooting classic fashion photography for the new menswear brand Oxford Hounds. I received the initial enquiry for the shoot from Scott Muir of Re-Group Media. His agency was building  and designing the website. I had the task of populating it. After several meetings discussing location and models the shoot took place in mid February. The lifestyle shoot took place at an amazing location in Goostrey Cheshire. That good in fact that I didn’t want to leave 😉…

The lifestyle shoot was the first of three types of photography. E-commerce and still life product photography the other two. Stay tuned for those blogs in the near future. back to the lifestyle shoot. Myself and the team made up of Anna Russell Styist and Pete Ross assistant made an early start. Along with Scott from the agency and Eli the male model.

Set up took a little while as there was a mixture of indoor shots as well as outside. Studio lighting was used at all times, so the Bowens XMT 500 was my favoured light. No leads needed as battery operated . And Pete would be carrying it for me anyway . Result 😉

The location really suited the brand and the images throughout the day looked great. Even if I do say so myself. But as I’ve always said its the whole team that makes the shot. And this shoot more than proved it.

A great day but this was just the start . TheE-commerce and product shoot next , but as I said earlier that’s for another blog. Looking forward to the next lifestyle shoot and the launch of Oxford Hounds new website. I’ll keep checking in, as always like to see my images at their final destination …

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