commercial and advertising photography shot on location in Cheshire

Commercial Advertising Photographer for Ego Pro X Power Tools

Commercial Advertising Photographer

As a commercial advertising photographer I get to do some pretty interesting projects. The latest and one of my most challenging and favourite was the Ego Pro X campaign shoot. Shot over five days with a mixture of hero shots and documentary photography . This particular blog is concentrating on the hero shots . The documentary side will follow shortly, there may be a few more images to look at on that one 😉

The location for the shoot was more than convenient for me as it was just outside Sutton village in Macclesfield . Result I get a lie in I thought. Not so fortunate I’m afraid as a number of days we had to be there for 5am for break of dawn shots. A nice 4 am wake up call then… I didn’t mind really as the shots looked fantastic but again they are more for the documentary side of the shoot, sorry. Won’t be long before you can check them on in the next blog.

There was a total of 11 hero shots to get throughout the weeks shoot . I opted for shooting with my trusted Bowens XMT’s to add a dramatic cinematic feel to the shots . Also helped to simulate the sun with backlight . As quite often the sun decided to stay in when we needed it most. Don’t you just love location photography 😉 I do actually , love the challenge .

Even if I say so myself I love the shots and the end result was exactly what I wanted. Fortunately it’s what the team at Refinery and Ego wanted too. Which I guess is more important 😊 . Can’t wait to do the next shoot . But as I said stay tuned for the documentary style shoot we also did that week. And before I forget , I’ll also be posting the Ego Domestic shoot I did a few weeks before. I have been busy …

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commercial and advertising photography shot on location in Cheshire

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