food and advertising photography for Marcus warning and circular shot in Manchester

Commercial Food Photographer shooting with Marcus Wareing for Circulon

Commercial Food Photographer …

As a commercial food photographer I get to be part of some great shoots. Shooting with Marcus Wareing for Circulon along with Refinery Marketing is always a highlight. This particular shoot was on location in Wilmslow Cheshire just outside Manchester.

I’ve shot with Marcus many times before,  checkout my previous blogs ,and it’s always a pleasure. He is the perfect professional and really gives you the time you need as a photographer.  With this type of shoot repeating the cooking sequence is a common occurrence as close ups and wide shots are needed for the final images. So thank you Marcus for your patience . Just to be clear I don’t need too many takes I can get the shot quite quickly. Just wanted to clarify that 😉

Now although the title of this blog may state food photographer, the actual shoot focuses on the fantastic Circulon range. So you could also call it a product photography shoot. But seeing as the outcome is Marcus’s wonderful food we’ll stick with the original title. And just to mention the food again it was amazing. A definite perk of the shoot, as well as working with a great team again of course.

The shoot …

The brief was to shoot Marcus using Circulon products, so timings were quite critical. As I said earlier Marcus was kind enough to go again if a different angle was needed, or a close up . The final shots were with the meal prepared and the various cookware used . Again using my trusted Bowens XMT ‘s for ease of use. No cables makes my job so much easier. As does Ania my trusted assistant 😊

Such a great shoot to be involved in. So a big thank you to Refinery and Circulon for getting me on board. Looking forward to the next one guys.

Checkout my food photographer portfolio for more images and a few more celebrity chefs. Just wish I could cook like them 😉

commercial food photographer shooting for circulon with Marcus wareing

commercial food photographer with Marcus Wareing and circular for their advertising campaign

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commercial food photographer shooting for Marcus wareing

Marcus warning cooking for circular and their advertising campaign

commercial food photographer shooting on location in Manchester

food and advertising photography for Marcus warning and circular shot in Manchester

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Marcus Wareing cooking for circulon in Manchester

food and product photography shot on location with Marcus Wareing in wilmslow Cheshire near Manchester

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