creative food photography

Creative Food Photography

Creative Food Photography

As the title suggests my recent shoot for Snugbury’s ice cream was certainly creative food photography. However it also got a little messy as you can see 😉

The photoshoot took place at Snugbury’s Ice Cream where I set up the studio lighting in the room provided. The month was January and it was a little cold as no central heating could be put on , for the obvious reasons 😉

Once again I was working alongside Raj Kara from advertising agency Oakbase based in Wilmslow Cheshire. Colour was the brief and plenty of it so armed with plenty of coloured card and a massive amount of ice cream our creative juices flowed, whilst the ice cream melted.

Melting was the keyword of the day and was the reason there was plenty of ice cream on standby. A scoop to set up the shot and then a scoop to replace the melted one for the actual shot. The perfect plan 😉

The whole shoot was over two days and an enjoyable to days it was. The team at Snugbury’s were great and supplied me with best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted, it kept me warmed up too by the way 🙂  With the shoot coming to an end we made use of the melting and went all out on the messy shots. They looked great really pleased with the results and believe it or not the messy shots required the most styling , its not easy making messy look accidental… 🙂

A great shoot with a great bunch of people , I had a great time and it shows in  the images. Looking forward to another photoshoot for Snugbury’s soon and especially that hot chocolate and the amazing ice cream too.

You really have to try it …

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