My experience as a product photographer is second to none from roomset photography to the smallest of electrical components. They all need the same expertise and attention to detail. In the competitive world of social media and the world wide web you need your product to stand out from your competitors and this is where quality of photography is of vital importance. Using the highest end digital cameras with competitive rates with no compromise on quality i’ll deliver the images to sell your brand …

Creative Product Photography ..

Its pretty fair to say I love all the different sides of my photography, from fashion to product and food. Creative product photography is a firm favourite. Now the word creative seems to imply that I’m not always creative and of course I am. However there are types of product photography that shall we say is slightly less creative. For instance pack shots for use on the web don’t need as much creativity as some of my more challenging shoots. This leads me nicely on to my photoshoot for Meyer Bakeware.

Once again I was shooting with Raj Kara from advertising agency Oakbase based in Wilmslow. The location was Tru Kitchen conveniently also based in Wilmslow. So not far to go then 😉 The staff at Tru Kitchen were great as we did take over quite a large portion of the show room, we did bribe them with the cookies we prepared for the shots though. The product to shoot was from their Circulon range and there was quite a number of shots to get through. Fortunately I’m used to working with Raj and between us we came through with a little time to spare.

The location was great and had plenty of daylight for me so all I needed was my trusted tripod and no studio lighting. Which when on a location where customers are coming in is a god send as lighting tends get in the way a lot , but needs must if necessary 😉 With a few props for texture and to also add a little colour I was really pleased with the results. I’m especially pleased with the utensils shots , now that’s creative 😉

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