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Flat Lay Fashion Photography for JCB Workwear

Flat Lay Fashion Photography

Flay lay fashion photography is exactly as it sounds, Its clothing laid flat and photographed. Simples, right ? Not quite that simple actually. There’s a little more to it. Lighting to pick up the textures. Preparing the clothes just to have the right amount of movement in them . And preparing the backgrounds. So not so simple. To be honest nothing done well is simple , but it is always enjoyable 😉 . I love a challenge.

The Photoshoot

Shooting once again with Advertising and Marketing Agency Refinery in Manchester .And the very talented stylist Anna Russell. The shoot was part of the previous lifestyle blog take  a look if you haven’t already. Tom Pringle of Refinery Art Directed the shoot and came up with the brief . Firstly with any shoot like this the backgrounds had to be just right . Really love the different textures and especially the grey concrete look background. Have to give Anna the credit for this as it quite simply is a grey Colorama background. Anna came up with the idea to scrap a breeze block over it giving the concrete effect. Very clever, think I’ll pinch that one for future shoots 😉

As I said earlier flat lay really isn’t as simple as it may look. It takes careful attention to detail. Those creases don’t happen naturally you know. They are carefully crafted to show the texture of the clothing. And then there’s the lighting .. Always have to mention the lighting 🙂 It has to be set to show texture and detail, so more complex than you might think. Also just a mention of the idea to scatter the odd wood shaving for authenticity on the shots . Love it ! Love my job …

Look forward to the next shoot coming soon in another blog.

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