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Footwear Product Photographer for Deichmann UK

Footwear Product Photographer

As a footwear product photographer there are many different ways to shoot shoes and trainers etc. Deichmann UK certainly find many ways to do this. Along with the help of  advertising agency Refinery Marketing and Communications. And me of course ;). Not that I’m complaining, always love being challenged creatively. After all that’s why I love what I do.

The shoot was part of the AW Campaign. With the lifestyle fashion being the second part . See my earlier blog( if you haven’t already). The photoshoot took place at Refinery’s in house studio with once again multiple set ups. Assisted by a great team from the agency. Simplistic could describe the brief , but even simple takes a lot of thought , trust me it does :). Love the colours chosen for the back drops and my fav is the use of the breeze block , I’ll be using them again . Look out for them in future shoots. Breeze blocks photogenic. Who knew ?

The crop in an image can change the look dramatically.  I do like quirky crops , you may have noticed .Not all the time but if the shots compliment it , why not . Just makes them look a little different from the norm . And I’m all for that .

It’s always a pleasure shooting with the team at Deichmann , as well as Refinery Marketing of course. And a heads up , I’ve already shot the summer campaign. Coming soon to a Deichmann store window near you. And of course an upcoming blog in the near future too . Stay tuned 😉

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