interiors photographer shooting for hairdressers Angel and Co in Manchester

Interiors Photographer . Shooting for Angel and Co Hairdressers in Manchester

Interiors Photographer

As well as my many types of commercial photography I also apply my trade as an Interiors Photographer. This type of photography for me is really growing as many businesses want to showcase their premises on social media platforms like instagram. Ive heard they’re quite popular now ;).

I’ve had several projects that involved interior photography ranging from hotels to restaurants, and now more recently , hair salons. I can really understand why it’s so popular with hair salons as first impressions count with potential clients. And a professional set of interior images on instagram would certainly be an advantage when the client is on the lookout for a new hairdresser.

This particular photoshoot was for Angel and Co based in the centre of Manchester. They recently had a rebrand and refurbishment and needed to show the salon at its very best. Enter me 😉

Armed with my trusted tripod ( an essential for interior photography) and lighting I arrived early on the day to set up. Now I mentioned lighting which is important . However on this occasion I opted for using the available light of the salon as I wanted to convey the mood. With its rich colours and warmth I really thought the flashlights would kill this . So I opted for long exposures and the result speaks for themselves. Very pleased with the images as was the client too .

So although I’m a big fan of my location lighting. If you’ve read my previous blogs you would know this. There is a time and a place . Photography is all about making the right decision for the setting and location and this is really important when shooting interiors. Had a great day shooting with the team at Angel and Co hope to be back there soon you never know they may open a second one. Lets see 😉

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interiors photographer shooting for hairdressers Angel and Co in Manchester

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