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As a commercial photographer my photography comes under many guises. Food photography, sports, lifestyle and fashion to name a few. So when I was commissioned to do the photography for Hannah owner of fitness and nutrition company Weights and Wedges a number of these skills were to be applied on the same shoot. This made for an interesting and challenging day, as well as enjoyable of course 😉 …

The morning of the shoot was to take place on location at The Tytherington Club gym in Macclesfield Cheshire to photograph Hannah in various exercising scenarios. This was achieved with various lighting set ups in the gym and mixed up with shots outside as the weather was kind to us on the day. The gym was still open of course so placing the lighting to keep out of the way of gym members was tricky but not impossible. I like a challenge.

The afternoon was on location in Wilmslow to photograph the nutrition side of the business. So more food and lifestyle photography. The location was a kitchen showroom in the centre and had a large widow frontage. This was perfect for the photography of the food as I wanted a shallow depth of field with daylight and no flash so a result for me. So with the location fitting  in perfectly with what we wanted to achieve it was a very successful shoot and also a very interesting and diverse one …

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