location product photography shot at the clients premises in Manchester

Location Product Photography for Toni Bond Interiors

Location Product Photography in Altrincham Cheshire

The words location product photography might have you thinking I’m not in a studio environment. This isn’t really the case. I find more and more that it is more convenient for my clients that I come to them. Hence the word location. Maybe it should say at your premises product photography. Doesn’t have the same ring to it really ;).

This was my second shoot for Toni Bond Interiors in Altrincham Cheshire and once again I set up the studio there. It makes so much more sense as all the products are to hand . And if we are making good progress they can add a few more to the shoot. Result. Love shooting for them as there products are so stylish and contemporary. You don’t really need more than a plain background as the products speak for themselves. As well as stylish they do however  give me the odd challenge . As you can see there are some reflective and shiny items. But having had many years expeience in this field I haven’t had one beat me yet. And just for the record I never will. 😉 And as I always say I like a challenge so bring it on.

There is an overlooked point to remember when shooting this type of photography,(Which is actually know as e-commerce product photography). This is to keep your background consistent. Ive seen many e-commerce sites and many have different shades of white in there shots. Which makes the site look messy. So when photographing each item I make sure the backgrounds are always consistent. I know to sounds simple enough , but take a look at some sites and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway there ends the lesson. Hope you like the images and if you’re looking for a product photographer give me a call and we can have a chat.

For more on my product photography and what I can do for your brand take a look at my portfolio

still life product photography at the clients premises in Altrincham Cheshire

table top product photography shot in Manchester

macro creative still life product photography

still life ecommerce product photography Manchester

product photography for interior designer Toni bond Altrincham Cheshire

ecommerce product photography at client premises

table top product photography Manchester and Cheshire

product photography of the detail using macro lenses

photography of Toni bond interiors products

commercial product photography in Manchester

technical product photography Manchester

still life photography for Toni bond interiors

photography for Toni bond interiors

photography shot for Toni bond interiors Manchester