packshot product photography

Packshot Product Photography

Packshot Product Photography

Packshot  product photography is simply still life photography including the all important packaging .. Simples πŸ˜‰  This was obviously the case with independent brewers Geipel. Can’t have beer without the packaging …

The photoshoot took place at my studio in Manchester and the brief was to be all on neutral backgrounds. With packshot photography some shoots are simpler than others. This was on the more complex side. Reflections were the main nemesis of the day. Obviously I wanted reflections but not reflections of the whole studio.

With several studio lights and multiple poly boards the desired look was achieved.

The obvious bonus from this shoot was of course I got to taste the product after the photoshoot. Not during as i may have had a problem focusing πŸ˜‰

For more on my packshot product photography and still life visit my gallery section …

still life packshot photographer in manchester

still life product photographer in manchester

packshot product photography for Geipel Brewery manchester

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