still life commercial photography in manchester

Still Life Photography with a ‘cheeky’ fashion twist


Professional Still life Photography

Now I’m not knocking professional still life product photography. I enjoy it, (here comes the but) .. But .. Sometimes it could do with a bit of spicing up, whilst importantly not distracting from the main product.

How do we do this ?

With the models booked through Nemesis Model agency in Manchester and shots planned with the design agency the emphasis seemed to be on the models. Yet with the touch of ‘spot colour’ added in post with photoshop, something in my view that should be used very sparingly in photography but works extremely well in this scenario. The spectacles stand out just enough to know what is being advertised.

The client was extremely pleased with the finished images as it gave the campaign an edge, a talking point. Which is the whole point of advertising.

But don’t think spot colour in my fashion and commercial photography will keep popping up, it won’t ….. I promise!

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