workwear fashion photography

Workwear Fashion Photography

Workwear Fashion Photography

With workwear fashion photography you would normally associate quite a standard approach. The photography however with Lockhart Sharp catering workwear was not the case. Working with advertising agency Oakbase based in Wilmslow Cheshire and with art direction by Raj Kara the brief was for a more fashion feel.

The location picked was the fine Italian restaurant Lepone’s in Oswestry. A location I have shot at before for food photography. The management there were great as always giving us as much free reign as they possibly could. They had to remain open, so I had to be mindful of diners and put them off their food 😉

The models picked were from Nemesis model agency in Manchester. As you can see they were more fashion based  models and tattoos were shown rather than hidden. The style of the shots worked really well with workwear and the models delivered the look both I and the client wanted.

Location fashion photography in a restaurant can be tricky with lighting getting in the way of diners. Fortunately at Lepone’s there is a lot of available light so the chaos of photographic wires and stands was cut to a minimum. I was left to focus on the getting the right shot for client which I feel we more than did. Now looking forward to the their next workwear fashion photography shoot.

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