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Workwear Fashion Photographer for JCB

Workwear Fashion Photographer …

Workwear Fashion Photographer for JCB on location in Staffordshire …

My fashion photography covers many styles. From womenswear to menswear, editorial to e-commerce to name a few. Workwear is also a popular one for me and one of my favourites to shoot. I like the gritty feel to it and now there is much more of an edge to it. Suits my style down to the ground then 😉

The Photoshoot …

This shoot was for JCB workwear in particular the South African division. Working alongside Refinery Marketing in Manchester a part of the brief  was to have a little sunshine (the South Africa part then). So here we were in late October on a misty rainy day in Staffordshire. I kind of had my work cut out for me then ;).

It was an early start for the team and after a look around the location I was ready to set up. Now did I mention the need for sunlight . I think I did. So out came my trusted Bowens XMT’s location lights . The set up called for two lights . One soft box at the front and then a clip backlight. To…? Yes you guessed it. To give me my sunshine 🙂 There was an another element to getting the right feel for the shot . I needed a slow shutter speed. Especially for the shots inside the barns as there was very little daylight. This meant the model had to stay very still but also look like there was movement. A tricky one for the model but he pulled it off perfectly. So I can’t take all the credit.

The weather wasn’t very kind all day to us but we plodded on armed with umbrellas and plastic bags for the lights. The results speak for themselves . Really pleased and thankfully so was the client. The important one hey;)

Lookout soon for the blog on the flatlay photography. The second part of this shoot. Coming soon!

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